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Memory Request Optimizer Stream Benchmark Results

November 26th, 2016   •  by Gregg Recupero


The Memory Requests Optimizer is designed to improve the performance of your memory sub-system. It does this by reducing latency and increasing bandwidth. We thought it would be very interesting to run the Stream Memory benchmark utilizing the Memory Request Optimizer. The impressive results...

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A New Method to Improve Performance of Memory Sub-Systems

April 12th, 2016   •  by Gregg Recupero


Tomorrow's memory standards hold the promise of higher performance. With the uncertain future of which protocols will emerge as industry standards many system architects conservatively choose from current DDR standards - adopting a "wait and see" approach. However, the needs to...

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High Performance Memory Sub-Systems

October 19th, 2015   •  by Gregg Recupero


Memory bandwidth had set the limits of compute performance over the past several decades. As processor and system performance has continued to increase at almost exponential rates, memory performance has struggled to keep up with that pace. This is all about to change.

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Performance-IP Design Challenge

At Performance-IP we are so confident that our products can improve your memory performance that we would like to show you! Send us a trace of your memory clients request stream and we will analyze how much of a performance boost we can give your memory sub-system. Just visit our contact page and fill out a request that you would like to:
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