Performance-IP's products are designed to improve the performance our customer's designs in a completely transparent fashion, giving our customer's a performance advantage over the competition.

Memory Request Optimizer product

Memory Request Optimizer

Performance-IP's Memory Request Optimizer™ is our first product that incorporates Memory Tracker Technology™. This product demonstrates how the Memory Tracker Technology™ can dramatically reduce memory latency, recovering lost performance.

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L2+ Cache product

L2+ Cache

The addition of the Memory Tracker Technology™ improves the efficiency of the L2+ Cache over traditional Level 2 caches. This allows the L2+ Cache to achieve hit rates that exceed traditional Level 2 caches that are twice the size of the L2+ Cache. This allows your designs to operate at higher levels of performance while reducing your silicon area and power requirements.

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HP-DMA Controller product

HP-DMA Controller

Performance-IP's Direct Memory Access (DMA) Controller is designed to provide High Performance AXI memory transfers. This controller incorporates up to eight independent configurable DMA channels, allowing multiple DMA transactions to be in-flight at anytime. The HP-DMA Controller has a configurable integrated RAM buffer, which is designed to provide just-in-time delivery of source to destination data transfers. This keeps transfer performance high while minimizing buffer requirements..

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Performance-IP design services team

Design Services

Let Performance-IP assist your design team with the integration and verification of our IP in your design. Our design services will help keep your project on schedule while ensuring the performance improvements delivered by our IP. For more information regarding our design services visit our contact page.

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