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Memory Tracker Technology

Performance-IP's Memory Tracker Technology™ can dramatically improve the locality of reference of a client's request stream. This patented technology tracks multiple concurrent clients and creates virtual request streams. These virtual request streams have an increased locality of reference.

The image to the right shows how Memory Trackers increase the number of linear requests detected in a client's request stream. The Baseline column shows the small number of linear requests found in a typical client's request stream, compared with the large number of non-linear requests. When this same request stream is applied to Performance-IP's Memory Tracker Technology, the resultant virtual request streams exhibit a much higher locality of reference. This locality of reference improves as additional Memory Trackers are enabled. Once a critical number of Memory Trackers have been enabled we will reach the maximum virtual linearity for this request stream.

Products using this information can dramatically improve their operational efficiency. Performance-IP has incorporated the Memory Tracker Technology into several of its high performance components. The Memory Request Optimizer™ can dramatically reduce memory read latency, increasing your application performance. Our L2+ Cache product uses this same technology to achieve hit rates that exceed traditional caches twice the size of the L2+ Cache.

Linear Requests improve with Memory Trackers