• Memory Request Optimizer

    Reduce the power consumption of your SoC, by recovering lost system performance. Performance-IP's Memory Request Optimizer™ product can improve your systems memory performance. Designed for today's complex multi-core SoC designs, the Memory Request Optimizer™ will provide the best performance/watt solution for your hand-held or desktop designs.

    Memory Request Optimizer product
  • Memory Tracker Technology

    Learn how Performance-IP's Memory Tracker Technology™ can greatly improve the locality of reference for a clients memory requests. However many clients your SoC design has, Performance-IP's Memory Tracker Technology™ can bring order and optimization to your memory requests increasing performance and reducing memory latency.

    Improve application spatial locality
  • Performance-IP Design Services

    Is your design team pushed to the limits? Find out how Performance-IP's design services can help to integrate and verify any of our products in your SoC designs.

    Performance-IP Design Services team
  • Take the Performance-IP Design Challenge

    Let Performance-IP show you how we can improve your memory performance. Send us a trace of your memory clients request stream and we will analyze how much of a performance boost we can give your memory sub-system. Just visit our contact page and fill out a request that you would like to “Take the Performance-IP Design Challenge”.

    Increase performance take the Performance-IP Design Challenge

Welcome to Performance-IP

At Performance-IP the next generation of Intellectual Property has been created to push the performance per watt envelope of tomorrows handheld and desktop SoC designs. Performance-IP has developed it's proprietary Memory Tracker Technology™, which improves the spatial locality of any memory client's request stream. With improved spatial locality order can be derived from even the most random multi-core requests streams. With this order comes greater efficiencies, which can implement products that can allow our customers to reduce power consumption by reclaiming lost system performance.

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